Will Connell

Will Connell was the first Department Chair for the Photography Department. He was very involved with the department (see World War II under 1941-1950), and continued to teach after stepping down from Department Chair. Below are portraits of him, photos of him teaching, and brochures and pamphlets related to his work. 
Will Connell: Complete Instruction in Photography brochure, circa 1935. Photography and Imaging Department. 
This brochure from 1935 showcases the many different aspects of photography included in the school's curriculum, with details on how advertising, portrait, beginning, advanced, and composition are all covered. Will Connell, the department chair, is featured on the cover. He served in this position until 1940, but continued to work with ArtCenter after. The following items feature Connell's exhibitions as well as him teaching. 

Do You Ever Meet the Man Who Guesses brochure, undated. Photography and Imaging Department. 

"In Pictures"

Will Connell- "In Pictures" A Hollywood Satire, 1937. Exhibitions and Galleries.

Will Connell